Specialized Glass in Aerospace

Employee   •   03 January 2024

Radiation Shielding Specialized
Glass In Aerospace

An aerospace and defense solution with specialized glass for the utmost protection.


About Liberty Shielding’s Specialized Glass

At Liberty Shielding, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge specialized glass solutions for the aerospace industry. With a rich history of innovation and a deep commitment to quality, our mission is to safeguard those who venture into high radiation environments. Our core values revolve around safety, reliability, and excellence. We take pride in our certifications and awards, which reflect our expertise and unwavering dedication to aerospace radiation protection.

Product Showcase

There are many types of specialized glass products that we provide for the aerospace industry. Our products are designed to protect aircraft and other vehicles from harmful radiation exposure due to space travel or high altitude operations. We have solutions for both interior and exterior applications, including

Radiation-Tolerant Composite Windshields

The composite windshields we provide are engineered to be highly resistant to radiation damage, withstanding a wide range of temperatures and pressures. This makes them ideal for use in space-faring craft as they protect the interior from harmful radiation while providing clear visibility during flight operations.


Transparent Armored Glazing

We offer a range of transparent armored glazing solutions that are designed to provide superior resistance to ballistic and fragmentation threats. These specialized glasses are especially useful for military aircraft, providing the necessary protection while still allowing the pilot or crew members to see clearly through them.

Highest Density X-Ray Lead Glass

Our special X-ray lead glass provides the highest density, making it perfect for the aerospace industry, including airport security. This type of glass is highly resistant to radiation, providing a lightweight yet effective solution for protecting aircraft from harmful x-ray exposure.


Multi-Beam Optics Window Assemblies

This type of window assembly is specially designed to withstand multiple impacts, making it ideal for military and commercial aircraft. They offer excellent optical clarity with minimal distortion and can be used in a variety of applications. The multi-beam optic windows also provide superior resistance to breakage, scratches, shocks, and other forms of damage.

Telescopic Window Frames

We also specialize in telescopic window frames. These are designed to be lightweight yet provide superior strength and impact resistance. The telescopic frames offer superior optical clarity and can accommodate larger sizes for better visibility. They are also resistant to extreme temperatures, making them perfect for high-altitude aircraft.


Aerospace Industry Applications

Our specialized glass solutions find application across a wide spectrum of aerospace sectors, including:

Commercial Aviation - Keeping passengers and crew safe from radiation during flights
Military and Defense -Supporting national security with top-notch protection
Space Exploration -Enabling missions beyond Earth's atmosphere
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
Safeguarding critical components of UAVs
Satellite Technology -Ensuring satellite functionality in high-radiation orbits Airport Security X-Ray Stations - Providing visibility for safe and efficient inspection points

Whether your aerospace needs are military, commercial, or something else entirely, our customized glass solutions can help you stay safe in the sky. With decades of experience in engineering and production excellence for high-profile projects, we’ll make sure your project or mission takes flight.

Innovation And Quality


At Liberty Shielding, innovation and quality are at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology is reflected in our numerous certifications and awards, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

We understand the importance of speed in aerospace projects, which is why our team works closely with customers to identify all risk areas and develop solutions at a rapid pace. Our production process combines both quality control and automation processes so you can be sure your parts will be perfectly crafted every time.


A. Standards: Comply with requirements of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP), Report No. 147 “Structural Shielding Design or Medical X-Ray Imaging Facilities”.

B. Comply with lead shielding equivalents as specified by the qualified health radiation physicist report for this particular project.

DD-G-451, Federal Specification, clear sheet / plate glass quality.
ASTM C 1036, American Society for Testing and Materials, flat glass.
ANSI Z97.1, American National Standards Institute “Safety Glazing Materials used in Buildings” and “Safety Performance Specifications and Methods of Test”.
CPSC 16 CFR 1201, CAT II, Consumer Product Safety Council “Safety Standard for Architectural Glazing Materials”

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