Fire Resistant Glass: Key Features and Applications in Manufacturing

Employee   •   19 February 2024

Step into the realm where security harmonizes with innovation. Unveil the extraordinary attributes of our fire-resistant glass, meticulously crafted to safeguard manufacturing facilities with a touch of refinement. Revolutionize your industrial environments with state-of-the-art fire-resistant glass technology, ensuring both safety and modern allure seamlessly coexist.

Advantages Of Fire-Resistant Glass In Manufacturing Industry

Elevate your expectations with our unparalleled Fire-Resistant glass, engineered to exceed industry standards and redefine safety protocols. Here’s why our glass products stand out:


Unrivaled Durability

Crafted with precision and fortified with cutting-edge technology, our fire-resistant glass ensures long-lasting protection against the most demanding manufacturing environments.

Exceptional Heat Resistance

Withstand extreme temperatures without compromise. Our fire-resistant glass is engineered to maintain structural integrity, providing reliable protection when it matters most.

Certified Safety Standards

Rest assured, our products meet the highest industry benchmarks. Certified by renowned organizations including UL 9, UL 10B, UL 10C, NFPA 80, NFPA 257, and Hose Stream, our fire-resistant glass exceeds expectations in safety and performance.

Comprehensive Safety Ratings

Opting for our safety-rated fire-resistant glass ensures compliance with an extensive array of codes and standards, including NFPA 252, ANSI Z97.1, and CPSC 16 CFR 1201 CAT II. Embrace peace of mind knowing your manufacturing facility is safeguarded by the best in the industry.

Fire-Proof Elegance: Our Glass Collection!

FireLite Standard

Glass 1

FireLite stands out as the premier brand for fire-rated glass, known for its ceramic composition that can achieve fire ratings of up to 90 minutes based on size and use. It’s crucial to note that this product is not safety-rated and is only suitable for walls, not doors or within 24 inches of a door opening. For safety-rated fire glass options, explore FireLite-NT and FireLite Plus.

Laminated FireLite Plus


FireLite Plus is an advanced laminated ceramic fire-rated safety glass suitable for door applications, including fire-rated sidelites and transoms within 24″. With the capacity to attain fire ratings lasting up to 180 minutes based on size and usage, it stands out as a superior option for windows, exteriors, and locations necessitating heightened security.


Glass 2

FireLite-NT is a ceramic fire-rated safety glass suitable for use in doors and within 24 inches of a door, like fire-rated sidelites and transoms. Depending on size and application, this glass can attain fire ratings of up to 180 minutes. It is a safety-rated filmed product, not laminated. For laminated fire glass, refer to FireLite Plus.

FireLite IGU

Achieve optimal thermal performance and fire protection with FireLite IGU, featuring insulated glass units for added efficiency. This dual-paned fire-rated glass is available with a 1/4″ overall thickness and offers up to 90 minutes of protection.

Applications Of Fire Resistant Glass

Glass 2

Our Fire-Resistant glass finds versatile applications across the manufacturing sector. From industrial furnaces and ovens to control rooms, material processing facilities, laboratories, and chemical manufacturing plants, our glass ensures safety without compromising visibility or style. Protect your operations while maintaining productivity and aesthetics.


  • Industrial Furnaces and Ovens: Safeguard operators and equipment from high temperatures while allowing visibility into crucial processes.
  • Control Rooms: Provide clear visibility and protection for personnel overseeing manufacturing operations.
  • Material Processing Facilities: Ensure safety during the handling of materials and processing stages, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Laboratories: Protect personnel and sensitive equipment from potential hazards while maintaining visibility for monitoring experiments and processes.
  • Chemical Manufacturing Plants: Mitigate risks associated with chemical processes by providing a transparent barrier that withstands high temperatures and potential impacts.



FireLite is ideal for control rooms, providing clear visibility and a protective barrier, ensuring safety in monitoring manufacturing operations. With its fire-resistant properties, it can withstand high temperatures and potential impacts from machinery and equipment. However, for specific applications and requirements, it is always best to consult with a technical expert to determine the most suitable glass solution.

FireLite glass is designed for laboratory settings, offering both transparency and fire resistance, making it suitable for areas with elevated temperatures. Its durability and impact resistance also make it a reliable choice for potentially hazardous environments. However, it is important to note that FireLite may not be suitable for all types of laboratory experiments. It is best to consult with a technical expert to assess the specific needs and requirements of your laboratory before making a decision on the glass solution.

FireLite in welding stations provides a protective barrier against sparks and fire hazards, allowing for secure monitoring of welding operations. It is important to use a glass solution that can withstand high temperatures and potential impacts from welding equipment. FireLite’s unique properties make it an ideal choice for these types of environments, as it provides both transparency and fire resistance. This allows for clear visibility while also offering protection against potential hazards.

FireLite is well-suited for foundries, offering protection against high temperatures and potential fire incidents while allowing visual inspection of casting processes. Its thermal and impact-resistant properties make it a reliable choice for use in foundries, where extreme heat and heavy machinery are present. With FireLite, workers can have peace of mind knowing that their work environment is safe while also being able to closely monitor the casting process. Additionally, FireLite has been tested and approved by various regulatory bodies for its fire resistance capabilities, making it a trusted option for use in foundries.

John Smith
John Smith
Plant Manager
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"Since installing the FireLite Plus glass in our material processing facility, we've experienced peace of mind like never before. The enhanced impact resistance has saved us from costly accidents, while the clarity of the glass allows us to monitor operations with ease."
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson
Operations Director
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"Our control room was transformed with Liberty Shielding FireLit NT glass. Not only does it provide exceptional fire resistance, but the improved visibility has also boosted productivity and morale among our operators. Highly recommended!"
David Martinez
David MartinezSafety Coordinator
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"As a chemical manufacturing plant, safety is our top priority. Switching to FireLite IGU glass has significantly improved our facility's thermal performance while ensuring robust fire protection. Our team feels more secure than ever."

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