Fire Rated Glass In Schools & Universities

Fire-Rated Glass Solution

Fire-rated glass is a critical component for safety in schools and universities, providing reliable resistance to the spread of fire. Fire-rated glass can be used both for interior applications (such as storefronts, hallways, and classrooms) and exterior applications (such as firewalls).

At Liberty Shielding, we offer two types of fire-rated glass solutions to meet the needs of educational facilities: FireLite NT and FireLite Plus.

In addition to offering an effective barrier against flames, our fire-rated glass solutions also provide aesthetic value with their clean lines and low profile frames. This means they can be used in public areas without detracting from the overall look of the building.

For schools and universities looking for reliable fire protection for their students and faculty, Liberty Shielding’s FireLite NT and FireLite Plus are top choices. With our high-quality products meeting the most stringent UL requirements, you can trust us for your fire protection needs.

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Why Choose Fire Rated Glass For Schools?

Fire-rated glass is a solution that can help protect students and staff from fire hazards while also allowing natural light to flood into classrooms and common areas. It meets building code requirements, so you can ensure your school is up to the highest safety standards. Additionally, with modern and sleek designs, fire-rated glass installations enhance the visual appeal of your educational spaces. When you invest in our long-lasting, reliable fire-rated glass solutions, you don’t need to worry about costly repairs or replacing outdated systems anytime soon; plus, our products require minimal maintenance.

Our Fire-rated Glazing Products

Get peace of mind that your school is safe and modern with our fire-rated glass solutions. We offer a variety of styles and sizes to match any design aesthetic you might have in mind—from traditional to contemporary. Our firelite glass products are also impact-resistant for added safety and durability.

FireLite Standard


Firelite Plus

WireLite-NT (Fire Rated Diamond Pattern Wire Glass)

Features & Specifications

Learn More About Fire-Rated Safety For Educational Environment

Our fire-rated glass products for school security add a layer of safety to classrooms and university areas alike. Plus, they can be easily integrated into existing school security systems. These fire-rated glass products are designed for a variety of types of applications, from fire-resistant walls to doors.

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