Liberty Shielding offers 36″ x 84″ and 48″ x 84″ wood doors with a stain grade birch veneer in a variety of lead thicknesses. We ship standard sizes in two to three days.

Custom-made metal doors and frames (with any lead thickness) take just four to five weeks to produce.

Lead Lined Wood Doors

Lead Lined wood doors protect against the transmission of harmful radiation and are commonly used in medical facilities, airports, and industrial applications. These doors are manufactured with interior layers of particleboard and lead and finished with a laminate or stain grade wood veneer.

Liberty Shielding doors are made using the highest quality materials and workmanship. With extensive quality control and regular inspection, you can be confident of receiving the toughest and most functional lead lined doors on the market. To meet the highest levels of radiation protection, lead lined doors should be installed using a lead lined door frame.

Uses For Lead Lined Wood Doors

Radiation protection is paramount for the safety of technicians, workers, and patients in any setting where X-rays and other imaging systems are operated regularly. Leaded doors protect against radiation in:

  • Medical X-Ray, PET, or CT Scan Rooms Imaging Centers
  • Veterinary Offices
  • Defense Applications
  • Aerospace Applications

How Lead Lined Wood Doors are Manufactured

The lead lined doors supplied by Liberty Shielding are made using a single layer of 99.9% pure sheet lead. Lamination of the wood core, lead, and wood veneer takes place by use of hydraulic pressure.  We make lead lined doors to your custom specifications, complete with leaded X-ray glass windows and other options. The wooden doors can be produced in a wide variety of sizes and lead thicknesses, according to the level of radiation protection required. Just get in touch to find out more. 

Lead Lined Hollow Metal Doors

While wood lead lined doors are perfect for the majority of radiation shielding applications, some installations call for a level of durability that is a step above. Similar to the wood doors, lead lined hollow metal doors have an interior layer of lead sheeting that protects against radiation. However, their robust steel exterior provides extra strength for use in clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and industrial settings.

Properties and Benefits of Hollow Metal Doors

Lead lined steel metal doors assemble, install, and appear much the same as standard steel metal doors. The main difference is that they bring the additional benefit of radiation protection. The door exterior is composed of cold-rolled steel in a wide range of gauges. Reinforced hinging and hardware help support the door’s heavier weight.

To ensure optimal shielding, the pure lead sheeting spans the entire height of the door and extends to the extreme edges. As with all other structures, lead thickness determines the shielding level, which is calculated based on the door’s proximity to the offending equipment. A licensed medical physicist can help you calculate the lead thickness required.

Applications For Steel Metal Doors

Lead lined hollow metal doors are offered in standard or custom sizes and can be painted to complement your building interior. Lead lined steel metal doors are popular for use in a medical setting, including rooms where X-Ray, PET, and CT scan equipment are operated:

  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Clinics
  • Testing Facilities

Liberty Shielding is an industry leader in radiation shielding products, including lead lined hollow metal doors. We provide a wide range of sizes and lead thicknesses to meet your project’s specific needs, in addition to all the necessary hardware, including the hinges, latches, and locks.  We also provide lead lined door frames and window frames to fit your design requirements.  Fire ratings vary. Please make clear any requirements in your quote request.

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Not only does Liberty Shielding value quality, but we also believe in providing a speedy quote turnaround — enabling you to get your new project kicked off as quickly as possible. The Liberty Shielding team is committed to delivering superior customer service and we have the time and expertise to help you identify the most suitable lead lined hollow metal doors.

Our custom-made metal doors and frames (with any lead thickness) take just four to five weeks to produce. To learn more about our radiation shielding wood or hollow metal doors and other radiation protection products, contact Liberty Shielding today.

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