Our UL 752 compliant metal doors and door frames can be custom fabricated to meet your project-specific requirements. These doors and frames can be custom fabricated in 4 to 5 weeks to your specific size and prep. Contact us below for a quote. Please include your quantity, sizes, and door prep description. A full door and frame prep sheet will be require at the time of order.

Additional Information

Liberty Shielding makes doors and frames in all 8 UL 752 bullet resistant levels.

These provide bi-directional resistance, and they can be custom-made to your project specifications. Just include your desired quantity, sizes, and door prep description. A full door and frame prep sheet are required at the time of order.

It’s a very simple process. In a breakthrough for the industry, our customized doors and frames take only around four to five weeks to produce.   Ballistic Performance Standards

In today’s parlance, the term “bulletproof” is widely but inaccurately applied. Hollow metal materials are never truly considered bulletproof — they are simply bullet resistant for a specified charge and projectile.

Ballistic performance (or resistance) is based on the Performance Levels described in the UL-752 standards published by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. This document outlines the methods used to conduct testing, the projectile, the weight of the charge, the projectile’s velocity, and the location and number of the impacts. 

Applications for Bullet Resistant Doors 

Banks – Bulletproof doors and frames are a priority for financial institutions like banks. They provide an extra, potentially life-saving line of defense against robbery and attacks on staff.

Government buildings or facilities – Bullet resistant doors protect against threats of invasion. These sites are often a target in times of civil unrest, or because they house sensitive documents or data.

Schools, colleges, and university campuses – These sites are sometimes the targets of rogue attackers. In this case, bulletproof doors improve the safety of students, as well as the teachers and staff members of the institution.

Convenience stores – Often these locations are fitted with bulletproof or bullet resistant doors to safeguard customers and employees alike. They provide vital protection from theft and looting, especially in remote places.

Places of worship – Security is paramount for religious centers, as people are assembling in large groups in one spot. Often these buildings house precious, highly valuable, and irreplaceable religious artifacts. Bullet resistant doors are a must.

Long-Term Strength and Durability

Reinforced with ballistic armor that satisfies or outperforms UL requirements, our bullet resistant doors and frames provide the ultimate protection for threat levels 1 through 8. These structures are designed and built to resist projectiles traveling at maximum velocity. Additional benefits are durability, long-term strength, and corrosion resistance.  Custom engineering allows aesthetic choices to be combined with technical requirements including wood veneer over steel, solid wood doors, and glazing options.  Liberty Shielding’s ballistic doors are labeled and tested in accordance with UL752 and constructed per SDI Level 4. These assemblies are designed for installations such as military and public utility sites, currency exchanges and cashier islands, cellular tower infrastructure, and various other high-security locations that demand bullet resistance.

UL-752 Protection Levels  

Liberty Shielding’s bullet resistant systems offer various levels of protection defined by UL752 standard ratings. Each of the 8 leveled corresponding products have been tested and are proven effective at stopping a variety of projectiles, especially those commonly used in the course of an armed robbery. Although the UL752 ratings extend to Level 8, most banks, credit unions, and convenience stores tend to select doors that comply with Levels 1-3.

Our high-security frames may be specified for individual areas of your building — or we can devise a total external and internal security solution, which will feature our security windows and doors at key points throughout the site. 

Contact Liberty Shielding Today for Bullet Resistant Doors and Frames

Not only does Liberty Shielding value quality, but we also believe in providing a speedy quote turnaround — enabling you to get your new project kicked off as quickly as possible. The Liberty Shielding team is committed to delivering superior customer service, and we take the time to help you identify the most suitable ballistic doors and frames for your needs. Remember, we provide doors and frames in all 8 UL bullet resistant levels, and they are also resistant to forced entry.  To learn more about our bullet resistant doors and frames, contact Liberty Shielding today.

Additional Door Information:

  • Maximum width 48”
  • Maximum height 96”
  • Fire ratings not available
  • Doors and frames will be labeled stating conformance to your required UL 752 Level
  • Minimum 16 ga. faces with internal steel stiffeners
  • Welded flush edges
  • Flush welded top and bottom caps
  • Minimum 4 each 4.5″ heavy weight hinges (3’0” x 7’0” door weighs 275 pounds)
  • For doors that exceed either 36″ in width or 84″ in height, we recommend a continuous hinge rated to 500 pound minimum /option for 5 each 4.5″ heavy weight hinges (4’0” x 8’0” door weighs 385 pounds)

Frame information:

  • 16 ga. reinforced with armor plate at threat side face
  • Continuously welded
  • Welded anchors only, minimum 4 per jamb up to 7’0”, 5 per jamb over 7’0” and up to 8’0” 

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