X-Ray Lead Glass For Any Application

You can rely on Liberty Shielding for the fastest delivery times on X-ray lead glass — in multiple stock sizes and lead equivalencies.

Our X-ray lead glass meets lead equivalency at a minimum of 2mm based @ 150kvp.
However, we can produce higher lead equivalency glass upon request. Glass is available in just three days, including custom size options.

What is X-Ray Lead Glass?

Leaded X-ray glass is a type of annealed glass used in viewing windows (mostly in the medical, technical, and research areas) to give a high level of protective shielding against X-ray radiation.

X-ray glass contains a large amount of lead and barium, enabling optimum shielding against radiation from lab equipment that emits in the 80 to 300 kV range.

The glass is used to protect technicians and other bystanders from the threat posed by gamma and X-ray radiation in CT scanners, PET scanners, general X-ray rooms, and panoramic X-rays. However, due to the magnetic component of MRIs, lead glass cannot be used in these environments.

The thickness of the glass correlates with the amount of radiation protection it offers. For example, glass with 2mm Pb is 8mm (5/16”) thick and gives the equivalent amount of protection received from a 2 mm thick lead-lined wall.

2mm lead equivalency based @ 150kvp is the most common lead equivalency for general X-ray rooms used by doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and medical centers. However, you need to always consult with a  radiation physicists to decide the appropriate lead shielding for your room.

Custom sizes are also available. Common applications for leaded glass windows include

However, modern applications of lead glass extend far beyond the medical field. These are a few popular uses and applications that are not strictly medical:

Clarity and Versatility

The clarity of lead glass is compelling — it provides a high level of protection while also allowing technicians to closely observe the patient or isotope on the other side of the glass. The glass helps medical professionals carry out their duties effectively on a daily basis. Whether their role involves research or actively assisting in radiation tests with patients, they are equipped to do so without the worry of long-term radiation exposure.  Industry buyers that make regular use of lead glass are well aware of its safety credentials. However, it is also favored because of its versatility, in addition to the possibility of customization (in terms of size, shape, and thickness). Lead glass is characterized by its light yellow hue. Its slight coloring allows for good visibility and light transmission but also prevents light from reflecting directly, which distinguishes it from translucent glass.  Information About Liberty Shielding’s X-Ray Lead Glass Liberty Shielding provides the highest density X-ray lead glass on the market. This means that we are able to offer an extremely efficient level of medical radiation shielding, allowing around 85% spectral light transmission. Liberty Shielding makes sure that the materials we use are uniformly dense and have a high-quality composition, which provides a dependable shielding value for the benefit of our customers. Liberty Shielding’s X-ray lead glass is approved for medical X-ray, gamma, alpha, and beta photon shielding. It is not intended for thermal neutron or fast neutron shielding, MRI, electro-magnetism, laser, ultrasound, or non-ionizing radiation.

Contact Liberty Shielding Today for Your X-Ray Lead Glass Needs

Not only does Liberty Shielding value quality, but we also believe in providing a speedy quote turnaround — enabling you to get your new project kicked off as quickly as possible. The Liberty team is committed to delivering superior customer service and we make the time  to help you identify the most suitable X-ray lead glass for your needs.  Our glass meets optical quality standards at ASTM C1036 and DD-G-451d, and the radiation shielding is rated at NCRP #49 and NCRP #147.  We can also provide you with impact-resistant X-ray safety glass that meets ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR Part 1201. Remember, while 2mm is our minimum, we can provide higher lead equivalency glass upon request. Glass is available in just three days, including custom size options.  To learn more about our X-ray lead glass, contact Liberty Shielding today.

Safeguard Your Employees and Clients with Lead Lined Windows with X-Ray Glass

You can depend on Liberty Shielding for the fastest delivery times on lead lined window frames, complete with X-ray lead glass — in multiple stock sizes and lead equivalencies. Our X-ray lead glass meets lead equivalency at a minimum of 2mm based @ 150kvp. However, we can produce higher lead equivalency glass upon request. We are here to cater to your project-specific requirements. Stock sizes are available in just three days, while custom sizes can be produced in two to three weeks.

Telescopic Window Frames

If you’re looking for lead glass windows for X-ray protection, you’re in the right place. Our frames are internally shielded to provide the ultimate in X-ray protection from Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Ionizing radiation. Liberty Shielding helps you to achieve National NCRP and International ICRP safety code compliance for shielding medical diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy procedures.


Our telescopic window frames are designed with the glass installer in mind. They can be fitted in a fraction of the time taken to install conventional hollow metal frames. There is no requirement for specialist tools, and installation doesn’t entail a steep learning curve. The clever telescopic X-ray window design helps the frame to slip over the rough opening after the drywall has been installed. This removes the risk of the glass or frame being damaged in the course of additional work carried out after the window is installed. You can move forward with the construction, taping, and finishing of the project, meeting tight deadlines without needing to fix a hollow metal frame in place first.  National and International Radiation Safety Codes

National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements: NCRP Report #49 describes provisions under Radiographic Installations 5.3.2: “Provision shall be made for the operator to observe and communicate with the patient from a shielded position at the control panel. When an observation window is provided, it shall have a lead equivalence at least equal to that required of the partition (or the door) in which it is located.”

The present American Institute of Architecture AIA and FGI

Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities stipulate under Shielded Control Alcoves “Each X-ray room shall include a shielded control alcove. This area shall be provided with a view window designed to provide full view of the examination table and the patient at all times, including full view of the patient when the table is in the tilt position or the chest X-ray is in use.”

NCRP Report #147 requires under Types of Medical X-Ray Imaging Facilities, Radiographic Installations 2.2.1: “The control booth shall have a control window or viewing device that allows the operator to view the patient during all X-ray exposures performed in the room. The operator must be able to view the wall bucky and X-ray table, as well as patients confined to stretchers. When an observation window is used, the window and frame shall provide the necessary attenuation required to reduce the air kerma to the shielding design goal. The window(s) should be at least 45 x 45cm (18″ x 18″) and centered 1.5m (60″) above the finished floor.”  * In the above descriptions, use of the word “shall” is a requirement, and use of the word “should” is a recommendation.

DOA Technical Manual TM 5-805-12 and DOD Unified Facilities Criteria UFC 3-190-03A “X-Ray Shielding” both state: “Leaded Glass: The leaded glass is a clear lead glass sheet approximately 1/4″ inch thick and is installed in single or multiple thicknesses to provide a lead equivalent not less than that of the partition or door of which it is a part of”.

International Council on Radiation Protection: ICRP Publication#44 “Protection of the Patient in Radiation Therapy”(33): “There must be a means for observing the patient continuously during treatment. This may be accomplished by use of a lead-glass window,”

International Atomic Energy Agency: IAEA Chapter 16 “Radiation Protection and Safety in Radiotherapy” 16.10: “Adequate systems, devices, or other means should be provided to allow the operator to have a clear and full view of the patient. The systems for patient observation should be redundant and independent (e.g., closed circuit television or lead windows, depending on type of treatment unit)”.

Contact Liberty Shielding Today for Lead Lined Window Frames

Not only does Liberty Shielding value quality, but we also believe in providing a speedy quote turnaround — enabling you to get your new project kicked off as quickly as possible. The Liberty team is committed to superior customer service and we take the time to help you identify the most suitable lead-lined frames (complete with X-ray window protection). Remember, we offer customers multiple stock sizes and lead equivalencies. Custom sizes are produced in record-fast time for the industry — just two to three weeks.

To learn more, contact Liberty Shielding today. 


Sizes 12″ Wide and Under

8″ x 10″
10″ x 12″
12″ x 12″
12″ x 16″
12″ x 18″
12″ x 24″
12″ x 30″
12″ x 36″

18″ wide

18″ x 18″
18″ x 24″
18″ x 30″
18″ x 36″
18″ x 42″
18″ x 48″

24″ wide

24″ x 24″
24″ x 30″
24″ x 36″
24″ x 42″
24″ x 48″
24″ x 60″

30″ wide

30″ x 30″
30″ x 36″
30″ x 42″
30″ x 48″
30″ x 60″

36″ Wide

36″ x 36″
36″ x 42″
36″ x 48″
36″ x 60″
36″ x 72″

42″ Wide

42″ x 42″
42″ x 48″
42″ x 60″
42″ x 72″
42″ x 84″

48″ Wide

48″ x 48″
48″ x 60″
48″ x 72″
48″ x 84″
48″ x 96″

60″ Wide

60″ x 30″
60″ x 36″
60″ x 42″
60″ x 48″

72″+ Wide Sizes

72″ x 36″
72″ x 42″
72″ x 48″
84″ x 36″
84″ x 42″
84″ x 48″
96″ x 36″
96″ x 48″
108″ x 54″ (max size) 



Important Terms and Conditions for Ordering Radiation Shielding Products

  • Customer must verify lead equivalency meets the shielding requirements of the room.
  • Payment will be required to begin fabrication.
  • Once fabrication begins, no cancellations or changes may take place.
  • All radiation shielding calculations must be determined by a radiation physicist.
  • By placing this order and paying you accept and have verified sizes, quantities, lead equivalency, and accept the terms for shipping / receiving and returns / replacement.
  • All products must be inspected upon delivery in the presence of the delivery driver. Once the product is received and the delivery receipt is signed, no claims for damage will be entertained. If there is damage, note it on the delivery receipt and contact us immediately.
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