Our fire rated window frames are available with up to 90 minute fire ratings. These are custom fabricated to your requirements including size, fire rating, wall thickness, and your particular wall construction. Our frames are steel construction and come with a primer finish, ready to paint.

These are also available with additional options such as a fire rated lead lined frame and an IGU with x-ray lead glass and fire rated glass,

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Information required to order:

  • Size (please specify if it is glass size or outside of frame dimension)
  • Fire rating (45, 60, or 90 minutes)
  • Is glass is required to be safety rated? (required if the window is within 2 feet of a door)
  • Wall Thickness (maximum wall thickness is 12″)
  • Anchor selection (see below detail)

Glazing Options:

  • FireLite Standard 3/16” thick
  • FireLite NT 3/16” thick (Safety Filmed)
  • FireLite Plus 5/16” thick (Laminated)
  • WireLite-NT 1/4″ thick (Safety Filmed) Diamond Pattern Wire Glass
  • Pilkington Pyrostop- Thickness varies (Laminated, Low Iron, Fire Resistive)
  • Fire Rated Insulated Glass Unit Assemblies- Thickness varies depending on options

Insulated Glazing Options:

  • Fire rated IGU with Low-E glass for exterior windows
  • Fire rated IGU with one-way mirror glass for one-way privacy
  • Internal bullet resistant armor and bullet resistant fire rated glass
  • Internal lead lining and a fire rated insulated glass unit with x-ray lead glass 

Anchor Options:

  • T-Anchor (for cast in place concrete/masonry walls)
  • Strap Anchor (for wood studs)
  • Recessed Z-Anchor (for metal studs)
  • Multi-Purpose Anchor (for wood or metal studs)
  • Punch and Dimple Tube Anchor (for cut-outs in existing concrete/masonry walls)



Standard Fire Rated Window Detail

Fire Rated Bullet Resistant Window

Fire Rated X-Ray IGU Window Frame

*FireLite and FireLite Plus are registered trademarks of NEG Co Ltd. WireLite is a registered trademark of TGP.

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