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Welcome to Liberty Shielding, we provide customized products for a range of industries, including fire rated glass products, radiation protection, bullet resistant systems, and more.

Architects and contractors choose Liberty for a more polished look. You can expect a simple onboarding process and comprehensive customer support, complete with all relevant technical data sheets and detailed instructions.

Liberty Shielding ships to customers nationwide in just three days making us, the best One-Stop Shop Glass, Door, and Frame Supplier. Whether your personnel need protection for bullets, fires, radiation, or all three in one, we have you covered.

Our innovative solutions are built upon cutting-edge technologies and manufacturing protocols, ensuring that your project stay on track and is fabricated to the highest standards. If the threat is Radiation, Fire, or Bullet, Liberty Shielding provides reliable and effective solutions to mitigate these risks and enable you to operate with confidence.

At Liberty Shielding, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to deliver exceptional products and services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our team of experts is committed to offering prompt and reliable customer support, ensuring that you receive the assistance you require whenever you need it. We value transparency and maintain the highest ethical standards, providing you with clear insights into how our products work, so you can make informed decisions about your facilities needs.


At Liberty Shielding, our mission is to provide high-quality, customizable glass, door, and frame solutions that seamlessly integrate safety and protection into architectural designs. We are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and delivering innovative products that meet stringent safety standards.


Our vision is to be the industry-leading supplier of comprehensive protection solutions, revolutionizing the market with efficient installation processes and cutting-edge designs. We aim to empower architects, contractors, and individuals to create visually appealing spaces that prioritize the safety and well-being of occupants.

Customer Reviews

Clients Love Working With Us

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“Buying from Liberty was a great experience. The team was very knowledgeable and patient with my questions. They were very helpful when I wanted to adjust my orders. Friendly and highly competent folks. I would give them my highest recommendation!”

Francis X.
General Contractor
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“We love Liberty Shielding. The installation process is straightforward, the customer support is excellent. We had an entire x-ray room finished in a day.”

Noah R.
Project Manager
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“The window frames can be used for retrofitting an existing opening, that was a major factor in our decision to purchase. We used other companies before that didn’t perform as well. but will only use Liberty shielding for future projects.”

Ethan L.
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“We were pleasantly surprised to find a company this professional with an excellent product in a market this small. We’re very satisfied with the experience we had with Liberty Shielding.”

Barbara K.
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“We needed custom windows made and Liberty Shielding delivered exactly what was required on our specs and drawings. They went into the openings perfectly and the fit and finish was flawless. We will always use Liberty Shielding.”

Carlos V.
Design Lead


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