UL 752 Bullet Resistant Wall Panels

Our bullet resistant fiberglass panels protect against fire from medium and large caliber firearms.

Our Bullet Resistant Fiber-Resin Panels are Non-Ricochet Certified and come in 4′ x 8′ sheets (48″ x 96″). 

These are available in UL 752 level 3 through level 8 as well as NIJ 1063 level 3A through level 3.

UL  Level 3 panels protect against threats up to .44 magnum handgun rounds as well as high velocity 9mm.

They are 1/2″ thick and weigh 5-1/4 pounds per square foot (168 pounds per sheet). The panels can be cut in the field. 

These are ready to ship in 3 days after order placement.
Our bulletproof fiberglass panels have been rigorously tested to meet or exceed UL 752 specifications. All of our ballistic panels are backed with an extensive warranty.   
In addition to the ballistic capabilities our panels offer, they also provide storm resistance and forced entry protection. 

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Bullet Resistant Wall Panels

Liberty Shielding provides fiberglass wall panels in all 8 UL bullet resistant levels.
Our fiber-resin panels are manufactured in the form of sheets measuring 4’ by 8’ (48″ x 96″). They are ½” thick, weigh 5-1/4 pounds per square foot (168 pounds per sheet), and can be cut in the field with a regular circular saw or chop saw.

They are easily installed over existing walls. Liberty’s panels also come with storm resistance, forced entry protection, and an extensive warranty.

Unlike other major suppliers in the industry, we ship in just two to three days.

Why Bullet Proof Protection Is Necessary 

A wall without specific ballistic reinforcement offers very little in the way of bullet resistance. After all, walls are typically made from drywall and wood. Even exterior walls provide minimal resistance. Buildings with masonry exteriors use single-layered brickwork for a simple, aesthetically appealing façade, so they are rarely up to the job.  While it’s true that an ICF, concrete, or double-layered brick exterior can provide a slightly stronger level of ballistic protection, specific resistance levels are never definitive (partly due to the non-standard nature of such materials). That’s why using a certified and tested ballistic panel is the most logical move.  The Genius of Bullet Resistant Fiberglass  The most common way to make walls bullet resistant is to use ballistic-grade wall panels made of fiberglass. The sheets are notoriously strong due to the fact that they harness the advantages of glass (including its solid tensile strength) while avoiding its drawbacks, like its propensity to shatter. All the minute glass fibers are kept in place with a proprietary resin solution. The sophisticated interlocking patterns enable extreme absorption of high-impact force. Several woven layers combined via a highly specialized heat press enable manufacturers to create various weights and thicknesses of bullet resistant panels.

Our bullet resistance panels are available in all eight UL 752 ballistic levels, protecting from 9mm handguns to AK-47s — and from ax attacks or nearby explosions.  What’s convenient about fiberglass wall panels is that they can be hidden behind drywall, wood, and other fixtures to add an extremely strong layer of ballistic protection to your walls while retaining the original aesthetic. Despite its strength, ballistic fiberglass is also easier to work with than other ballistic materials.   It’s possible to cut a panel to size with a diamond-grit saw blade and fix it to the wall using conventional materials. This simple installation process stands in stark contrast to the awkwardness and complexity of installing steel ballistic options.  Bulletproof

Fiberglass Bullet Resistant Protection Levels

Level 1 Bullet Resistant Fiberglass – 9mm handgun

Level 2 Bullet Resistant Fiberglass – .357 Magnum

Level 3 Bullet Resistant Fiberglass – .44 Magnum

Level 4 Bullet Resistant Fiberglass – .30 Caliber Rifle

Level 5 Bullet Resistant Fiberglass – 7.62mm Rifle

Level 6 Bullet Resistant Fiberglass – 9mm submachine gun

Level 7 Bullet Resistant Fiberglass – 5.56mm rifle

Level 8 Bullet Resistant Fiberglass – 7.62mm rifle

What is Ballistic Drywall?

Ballistic drywall, or bullet resistant sheetrock, refers to a wide range of bullet-resistant materials, and even to the chemical formula (like Ballista-Crete) applied on top of the drywall. In any case, modular ballistic panels of the same size as drywall, such as ballistic fiberglass or Kevlar, are much more convenient and popular with today’s customers.

The cost of bulletproof drywall depends on the exact material selected by the client. Surface-applied liquids demand expert installation and specialized tools. Various ballistic panels range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars per 4′ x 8′ sheet.

Since its accidental discovery in the early 1900s, bullet resistant glass has undergone many changes and iterations. Modern fiberglass panels are rigid and lightweight. They are made of reinforced structural polyester laminate, with layers instantly separating when a bullet strikes. The distorted, flattened projectile is trapped in the woven layers.

Just browse our products to get an idea, and feel free to call us if you have any questions.  Contact Liberty Shielding Today for Bullet Resistant Wall Panels  Not only does Liberty Shielding value quality, but we also believe in providing a speedy quote turnaround — enabling you to get your new project kicked off as quickly as possible. The Liberty Shielding team is committed to delivering superior customer service and we have the time and expertise to help you identify the most suitable wall panels for your needs. Remember, we provide panels in all 8 UL bullet resistant levels.  To learn more about our ballistic panels and other protection products, contact Liberty Shielding today. 


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