Fire Rated Glass for Aircraft Interiors: Challenges and Solutions

Employee   •   19 February 2024

Embark on a journey to elevate aviation safety to new heights with Liberty Shielding’s pioneering innovation – fire rated glass for aircraft interiors. Delve into the cutting-edge realm of our fire-rated glass solutions, meticulously crafted to overcome challenges and deliver unmatched safety within the confines of airborne spaces. From innovative designs to uncompromising security measures, we set the standard for ensuring unparalleled safety above the clouds. Step into the forefront of aviation safety with us.


Why Fire-Rated Glass Matter In Aircraft?

Fire-rated glass holds critical importance in aircraft for several reasons:

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Life-Saving Potential

Fire-rated glass in aircraft holds life-saving potential by providing passengers and crew crucial moments for evacuation during emergencies. Its ability to withstand high temperatures buys precious time for evacuation procedures, contributing to enhanced overall safety.

Containment Of Fire

Fire-rated glass plays a critical role in containing and limiting the spread of fire within the aircraft. This containment is essential for preventing the rapid escalation of fire incidents, maintaining control, and minimizing the potential for catastrophic outcomes.

Visibility For Crew

Maintaining visibility is crucial for the flight crew to assess and respond effectively during emergency situations. Fire-rated glass ensures that crew members have clear visibility, enabling them to make informed decisions and navigate the aircraft safely, even in challenging conditions.

Preventing Smoke Inhalation

The presence of fire-rated glass helps prevent smoke inhalation, a significant hazard during aircraft fires. By containing smoke within specific compartments, the glass contributes to a safer environment, reducing the risk of respiratory issues and enhancing the chances of survival for passengers and crew.

Compliance With Aviation Regulations

Fire-rated glass is a vital component for ensuring compliance with stringent aviation regulations and safety standards. Meeting these standards is imperative to the overall airworthiness of the aircraft, demonstrating a commitment to the highest levels of safety and regulatory compliance within the aviation industry. 


Quality Fire-Rated Glass Products For Aircraft

Discover superior fire-rated glass solutions designed for aircraft interiors by Liberty Shielding, ensuring uncompromising safety and security above the clouds. Our range of premium fire-rated glass products is meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands of aviation environments.


Our FireLite ceramic fire-rated glass is at the forefront of safety, providing robust fire resistance for up to 90 minutes. With a slim 3/16″ thickness, it strikes a balance between strength and functionality. This glass ensures the security of your spaces while allowing ample natural light with an 88% light transmission rate. It’s an ideal choice for applications on walls where fire protection is paramount.

FireLite Plus

Elevate security with our FireLite Plus, a laminated ceramic fire-rated safety glass designed for doors and areas within 24″ of a door. With a substantial thickness of 5/16″, it not only provides extended fire ratings of up to 180 minutes but also enhances security. Boasting an 85% light transmission rate, FireLite Plus is a top choice for exterior windows where both safety and security are paramount.

FireLite NT

FireLite IGU

Introducing our WireLite-NT, featuring diamond-patterned wired fire-rated safety glass. With a thickness of 1/4″, it achieves fire ratings of up to 90 minutes. The unique diamond pattern adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal, with a 77% light transmission rate. This glass is an excellent option for those seeking added security in exterior windows or areas with specific security requirements.

Why Consider Liberty Shielding’s Fire-Rated Glass For Aircraft Interiors?

Consider our fire rated glass for aircraft interiors for unparalleled safety and reliability above the clouds. Our advanced fire-rated glass solutions, including FireLite and FireLite NT, offer exceptional fire resistance. The reasons that make us stand out include:


  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Our fire-rated glass is manufactured using advanced technology and materials that provide unparalleled resistance to flames, smoke, and heat. This ensures maximum protection for passengers and crew in the event of a fire.
  • Lightweight Design: We understand the importance of weight restrictions in aircraft design. That’s why our fire-rated glass is designed to be lightweight without compromising on safety or strength.
  • Customizable Options: Our fire-rated glass can be customized to fit any size or shape, allowing for seamless integration into any aircraft interior design.
  • Durability: Our fire-rated glass is built to withstand high impact and extreme temperature changes, making it highly durable and long-lasting.


Fire-rated glass for aircraft interiors is specially designed glass that can withstand high temperatures and prevent the spread of fire in the cabin. It is necessary to ensure the safety of passengers and crew by providing a barrier against fire and smoke, allowing for a controlled evacuation in case of an emergency.

The fire resistance of glass is often measured in terms of its ability to withstand fire and smoke for a specific duration. Testing standards, such as those set by aviation authorities or international organizations, assess factors like flame penetration, smoke density, and structural integrity during exposure to fire. These standards help determine the fire rating of the glass.

Fire-rated glass is typically used in critical areas such as cabin partitions, doors, and windows where the risk of fire propagation is higher. However, not all areas of an aircraft interior may require fire-rated glass. Design and safety regulations dictate the specific locations where this specialized glass is mandated to ensure compliance with aviation safety standards.

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