Bullet-Proof Windows: Balancing Safety and Aesthetics

Employee   •   19 February 2024

Step into the future of unparalleled security with Bullet-Proof Windows from Liberty Shielding. As the industry leader, we redefine safety standards with our cutting-edge solutions, seamlessly blending robust protection and sleek design. These windows offer an uncompromising shield, ensuring ultimate peace of mind for your spaces. Embrace the pinnacle of security innovation and upgrade to the safeguarding excellence provided by Liberty Shielding’s Bullet-Proof Windows. 


Explore Bullet-Proof Window Frames With Glass

Liberty Shielding introduces a robust lineup of Bullet-Proof window frames designed to meet the stringent standards set by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). From Level 3 to Level 8, these window frames combine meticulous design with advanced materials, ensuring a fortified shield against specified threats.

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Why Choose Our UL 752 Window Frames?

Our UL 752 Level 8 window frames are designed to provide maximum protection against specified threats. These advanced materials are fortified with a strong shield that can withstand multiple shots from a .308 Win/7.62×51 rifle, up to five shots in total. This level of resistance is unmatched and ensures the safety and security of your space.

In comparison, our UL 752 Level 3 Window Frames offer slightly less protection with the ability to withstand up to three shots of a .44 Magnum handgun. However, they still provide a solid defense against potential threats.

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Our Bullet-Proof windows stand out due to their compliance with stringent Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards, ranging from Level 3 to Level 8. These standards ensure that the windows provide robust protection against specified threats, meeting industry benchmarks for security.

The Bullet-Proof Windows are not limited to commercial applications; they are specifically designed for both commercial and residential use. This versatility allows homeowners to enhance the security of their properties, making these windows a suitable choice for a wide range of settings.

When considering the lead time for ordering and installing Bullet-Proof windows from Liberty Shielding, customers can expect a timely solution. With an approximate lead time of 3–4 weeks, the company ensures that customers receive their enhanced security measures within a reasonable timeframe.

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