Fire Rated Glass: Aesthetic and Safety Solutions for Buildings

Employee   •   19 February 2024

Enter a domain of unmatched safety and sophistication with our premium fire rated glass offerings. Enhance your spaces with superior fire protection seamlessly integrated with timeless aesthetics. Achieve unparalleled sophistication while ensuring the utmost safety by introducing our premium fire rated glass solutions, elevating your construction projects to extraordinary standards.

Fire-Rated Glass Product Range


Dive into our comprehensive range of products, each meticulously crafted to cater to your specific needs and backed by our commitment to excellence. Here, you’ll discover succinct descriptions of our four compelling product ranges:

FireLite Standard (Not for doors or impact locations)

Ideal for non-impact zones, this fire-resistant glass offers fundamental fire protection while maintaining transparency and visual appeal. Perfect for construction projects where safety and aesthetics harmonize seamlessly.

Firelite-NT (Fire Rated Safety Glass)

Advanced fire-rated safety glass is designed to deliver exceptional fire protection while preserving clarity. Perfect for diverse construction applications where transparency and safety are paramount.

Firelite Plus – Laminated Fire Rated Safety Glass

Advanced laminated fire-rated safety glass offers an additional layer of protection. Engineered for heightened safety in fire incidents, it is ideal for diverse construction projects prioritizing safety and resilience.

WireLite-NT (Fire Rated Diamond Pattern Wire Glass)

Fire-rated glass showcasing a sophisticated diamond pattern wire design. Seamlessly blending style and safety, it’s ideal for construction projects demanding both aesthetic appeal and fire protection.

How Can Fire Rated Glass Enhance Safety?

Explore the myriad advantages of incorporating fire-rated glass into construction projects, ensuring heightened safety and peace of mind.

Life And Property Protection

Fire-rated glass enhances safety in construction by safeguarding life and property through its ability to contain fire, minimize its spread, and provide crucial time for evacuation and firefighting efforts.

Transparent Barriers

Fire-rated glass serves as transparent barriers, offering visibility while effectively containing fire and smoke. This enables safe evacuation routes and aids firefighters in managing emergencies, enhancing overall safety in construction and building environments.

Aesthetic Integration

Fire-rated glass seamlessly integrates aesthetics with safety in construction, offering transparent barriers that enhance architectural design while ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations and providing crucial protection in case of fire emergencies.

Functional Versatility

Fire-rated glass offers functional versatility in construction, serving as transparent partitions, doors, and windows while providing essential fire protection. This versatility optimizes space utilization, enhances building functionality, and ensures safety without compromising aesthetic appeal.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

​​Fire-rated glass safeguards critical infrastructure in construction by containing fire outbreaks, protecting vital equipment and facilities, and ensuring uninterrupted operation during emergencies. This essential protection enhances the resilience of critical infrastructure and minimizes potential damage and disruptions.


Size Limits, Locations, And Glazing Tape Requirements

Navigating size limits, locations, and glazing tape requirements is essential for proper installation and compliance. Refer to the chart below for detailed specifications:

The Effects Of Heat Transfer Of Fire-Rated Glass


Fire-rated glass expertly mitigates heat transfer, reflecting, absorbing, and insulating against high temperatures. Safeguarding environments and adjacent spaces, it ensures safety and resilience, enhancing peace of mind amid potential fire hazards. The fire-rated glass’s unique properties also reduce the risk of radiant heat and smoke damage, minimizing costly repairs and replacements. When selecting fire-rated glass, consider its heat transfer capabilities to ensure optimal protection.


Fire-rated glass is specially designed to withstand high temperatures and prevent the spread of fire, offering crucial protection in buildings. It is usually made by combining multiple layers of glass with fire-resistant materials, such as intumescent interlayers or ceramic glazes.

Fire-rated glass works by containing the flames and smoke within a specific area for a certain amount of time. During this time, the glass will maintain its structural integrity, preventing it from shattering and allowing dangerous gases to escape. This gives the occupants more time to evacuate the building safely.

Fire-rated glass mitigates heat transfer, safeguarding environments and adjacent spaces during fires, thus enhancing overall safety. In addition, fire-rated glass often has a smoke and gas barrier, preventing the spread of toxic gases and providing clearer visibility for evacuation routes.

Size limits for fire-rated glass installations may vary based on building codes and regulations. Consultation with a professional is recommended.

Specific glazing tape requirements may exist to ensure proper installation and compliance with safety standards. It is important to follow manufacturer recommendations and consult with a professional for guidance.

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