Glass Bullet-Proofing Retail Spaces

Employee   •   04 January 2024

Glass Bullet-Proofing Retail Spaces

Let’s make shopping safer with our bullet-proof glass solutions. Whether you’re looking to add security to a store, lobby or office space, our bullet resistant glass products can help protect your business and its customers.

What Is Bulletproof Glass And How Does It Work?

Bulletproof glass is a type of glass that provides protection from bullets. It is made up of layers of strong and transparent materials such as polycarbonate, acrylic, silicone, or glass. The bulletproof quality of this glass is achieved by combining these materials with a special interlayer film to absorb the energy from an impact. This makes it highly resistant to bullets and other projectiles. Bullet-resistant glass is widely used in security applications in the retail industry, including jewelry stores and more.

Diverse Ways To Implement Security Glass Solutions

Explore the diverse range of scenarios and applications where bulletproof glass can provide invaluable protection and enhance security. Our bulletproof glass is commonly implemented in the following contexts:

Transaction Windows

Transaction windows in retail drive-thru settings are often equipped with bulletproof glass to protect employees during financial transactions and customer interactions. This type of bulletproof glass is designed to handle the impact of bullets or blunt objects without shattering and its transparency allows for clear visibility while also providing a physical barrier for added security. With bulletproof glass installed in retail stores, employees are better protected from potential threats while still being able to provide excellent customer service.

Storefront Windows

Storefront windows in retail spaces also benefit from bulletproof glass. These windows allow natural light to enter the space while also adding an extra layer of protection for customers and staff. Due to the thick glass, store owners can display their goods without worrying about theft or other potential risks posed by onlookers. With bulletproof glass, retail businesses can create a secure environment for shoppers and employees alike.

Display Cases

Display cases in jewelry stores and other high-end retail environments also benefit from bulletproof glass. These cases allow the merchandise to be viewed without risk of theft, all while maintaining a luxurious aesthetic in the store. Bulletproof glass also adds an extra layer of protection for both customers and staff. Jewelers can now display their valuable items with confidence, knowing that they are protected from any potential criminal activity. Not only is this type of glass of higher quality and more aesthetically pleasing, but it also offers an added level of security that regular glass cannot provide.

Innovative Formulations For Superior Protection

Our security glazing is the result of 100% unique formulations, incorporating polycarbonates, acrylics, and other high-quality steel, along with laminated security glass. This combination delivers the highest level of protection against a wide spectrum of security threats, including:

Bullet-Resistant Glass Doors

For the most extreme security threats, our ballistic-resistant glazing provides the highest level of protection against weapons such as rifles, shotguns, and handguns. The thick steel frames and laminated glass can withstand even the heaviest firepower. Our security glazing has been tested and certified to be bullet-resistant, enabling retail spaces, including supermarkets, convenience stores, liquor outlets, and more, to offer their customers a secure environment.

Bullet-Resistant Windows

Our bullet-resistant windows can be manufactured in various thicknesses to protect against different calibers of firearms, ranging from.22 caliber handguns up to 12 gauge shotguns. Our window systems are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Windows can be used for differing levels of security, ranging from military-grade armoring to less robust retail and office setups.

Ballistic-Resistant Wall Panels

Glass panels can be used in combination with ballistic-resistant wall panels to further reinforce the security of a space. Our walls are designed to absorb and deflect bullets, providing an extra layer of protection for those inside. We offer a variety of products that can be custom-made to fit any size or shape requirement and are suitable for supermarket, retail stores, shopping malls, outlets, and other applications. In addition to our ballistic-resistant wall panels, we also offer a range of decorative walls that are more visually appealing but still highly secure

Transforming Various Retail Spaces With Glass

At Liberty Shielding, our bullet resistant glass can be used in a variety of retail applications. From full-height glass walls to bullet resistant frameless entryways, our products provide a sense of security and style without compromising safety. Our bulletproof glass is designed to withstand impact from both blunt and projectile objects, making it an ideal choice for those looking to add extra protection to their retail or office space. Here are some areas where you can use our products to enhance safety while still maintaining a sleek, modern appearance.

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