Bullet Resistant Solutions for Campus Security

Employee   •   16 January 2024

Welcome to Liberty Shielding, where campus safety takes precedence. Explore our cutting-edge bullet-resistant solutions designed to fortify educational environments, ensuring peace of mind for students, faculty, and administrators alike. Our comprehensive suite of products includes bullet-resistant doors, glass, windows, wall panels, and even complete prefabricated steel classrooms for added safety. All our solutions undergo strict quality testing, surpassing industry standards.

Benefits Of Having Bullet Resistant Solutions For Campus


Bulletproof windows and doors for schools are a necessity for the well-being of students and faculty. The benefits of these windows and doors include the following:

Increased Protection

Faculty and students can have peace of mind knowing that the windows and doors in the school are reinforced with bullet proof glass.

Seamless Integration

Our unique product designs have been created to complement today’s architectural windows and doors while still offering maximum protection.

Energy Efficiency

Our bulletproof solutions can be tailor-made to incorporate energy efficient features such as UL 752 Levels 3 to 8 and fiberglass panels.

Bullet-Resistant Products For Campus


For ultimate protection, our bullet-resistant products are designed to meet the highest standards of performance and safety for any campus.

Bullet Resistant Glass

Our ballistic glass is scientifically tested to ensure the highest level of protection against all calibers of guns suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, including classrooms, laboratories and administrative offices.

Fiberglass Panels

Our fiberglass panels are designed to provide superior protection against all types of projectiles, from handguns and rifles to shotgun blasts. It is perfect for entryways, lobbies, classrooms and other high-traffic areas.

Bulletproof Windows

The patented bulletproof windows provide superior protection against any type of ballistic projectile. It can be installed in virtually any window opening, making it ideal for classrooms and administrative offices.

Bulletproof Doors

Our custom designed doors are made from the strongest materials available, providing ultimate protection against all types of ballistic weapons. They are perfect for high-risk areas like laboratories and classrooms.

Features & Specifications:

Our bulletproof products protect against medium and large caliber firearms. Level 3 protects against 44 magnum handgun rounds and high velocity (9 mm). Bulletproof products are available in options to meet UL 752 Levels 3 to 8. They are the complete, proven system for your ballistic protection needs.


Bullet Resistant Levels

Level 3. The most popular choice for protection against handgun rounds

Level 4. Most frequently selected for protection against sporting or high-power rifles

Level 5. Protects against full metal copper jacket ammunition fired from hunting rifles

Level 6. Used for protection against multiple shots fired from a submachine gun

Level 7. Protects against fire from military assault rifles, including the M-16

Level 8: Used for protection against higher spec military assault rifles such as the M-14


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