Bullet Resistant Panels for Residential Security

Employee   •   16 January 2024

Welcome to Liberty Shielding, where peace of mind meets cutting-edge security. Explore our bullet-resistant panels, meticulously crafted to safeguard your home with unmatched resilience and discreet design. With Liberty Shielding, you can now protect your family from the worst of risks while still maintaining the look and feel of a comfortable living space.


Why Is Bullet Proof Protection Necessary?

Bulletproof protection is essential in today’s world due to rising concerns about personal safety and security.

Personal Safety

In an unpredictable world, bulletproof protection provides a layer of defense against potential harm, offering individuals and their families a sense of security within their own spaces.

Property Protection

Bullet-resistant materials protect priceless assets and properties from harm due to gunfire, vandalism, or other security breaches, assisting in minimizing losses and preserving investments.

Peace Of Mind

Knowing that there is a robust and reliable defense system in place contributes significantly to peace of mind. This mental reassurance is especially important for individuals and families who want to feel secure in their living and working environments.


Visible bullet-resistant features can act as a deterrent, dissuading potential threats or criminals from attempting harmful activities. The presence of protective measures can be a powerful preventative factor.

Emergency Preparedness

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, having bullet-resistant protection ensures that individuals are better prepared to handle emergencies, providing a critical advantage during crises.


Fiberglass Bullet Resistant Protection Levels

Enhance your understanding of our bullet-resistant protection levels, designed to meet varying security needs:


  • Level 1 Bullet Resistant Fiberglass – Suitable for protection against 9mm handguns
  • Level 2 Bullet Resistant Fiberglass – Offers defense against.357 magnum firearms.
  • Level 3 Bullet Resistant Fiberglass – Effective protection against .44 magnum
  • Level 4 Bullet Resistant Fiberglass – Ideal for defense against .30 caliber rifles
  • Level 5 Bullet Resistant Fiberglass – Provides robust security against 7.62mm rifles.
  • Level 6 Bullet Resistant Fiberglass – Designed to withstand 9mm submachine guns
  • Level 7 Bullet Resistant Fiberglass – Offers advanced security against 5.56mm rifles.
  • Level 8 Bullet Resistant Fiberglass – Ultimate protection against 7.62mm rifles


Ready to fortify your space with top-tier security solutions? Take the first step towards unmatched protection by requesting a quote from Liberty Shielding. Elevate your safety standards and secure peace of mind today.


Products Photo Gallery

Explore the artistry and functionality of Liberty Shielding’s bullet-resistant panels, meticulously captured to showcase the seamless integration of cutting-edge protection into your living spaces. Browse through our gallery to witness the harmony of safety and style.

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