Exploring 7 Bullet-Resistant Glass Levels: What You Need To Know

Employee   •   15 October 2023

Dive into the world of bullet-resistant glass levels from 1 to 7 and enhance your security knowledge with our comprehensive guide!
In our constantly changing world, security stands as an essential priority, crucial for safeguarding both individuals and assets. When it comes to countering potential threats, especially ballistic attacks, one critical element in the security arsenal is bullet-resistant glass. With a range of protection levels available at Liberty Shielding, it’s imperative to comprehend this technology thoroughly. Dive deep into the realm of bullet-resistant glass, examining its seven distinct protection levels. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge necessary to make well-informed decisions regarding security measures.

Level 1 (11/16″ Thickness)

Level 1 bullet-resistant glass, measuring 11/16 inch in thickness, serves as an ideal choice for scenarios demanding protection against handguns and similar small firearms. Its versatility makes it suitable for various environments, such as retail stores and office spaces. Notably, Level 1 glass maintains transparency, ensuring an unobstructed view while offering essential ballistic protection. It demonstrates the ability to withstand at least three shots from a 9mm firearm. Additionally, for those seeking a sleek appearance, a low iron glass option is available, accompanied by optional window and vision frames designed for both walls and doors.

Level 2 (7/8″ Thickness)

Stepping up the security game with a thickness of 7/8 inch, Level 2 bullet-resistant glass elevates protective measures, especially against threats posed by.357 Magnum handguns. Frequently chosen for installation in locations demanding heightened protection, such as retail establishments, Level 2 glass flaunts distinct characteristics that enhance its suitability for specific security needs.

Level 3 (1-1/8″ Thickness)

Level 3 bullet-resistant glass, at an impressive 1-1/8 inches thick, offers an unwavering shield against potent firearms, including rifles. Its significance becomes particularly pronounced in high-risk environments where security takes precedence. Furthermore, for interior applications, the option of polycarbonate as an alternative to glass clad poly provides adaptable security solutions, underscoring its versatility.

Level 4 (1-1/4″ Thickness)

With a thickness of 1-1/4 inches, level 4 bullet-resistant glass is purpose-built for critical security applications, leaving no room for compromise. It showcases exceptional resilience against higher caliber firearms, including the formidable .30-06. Level 4 stands as the unequivocal choice when security is non-negotiable.

Level 5 (1-3/8″ Thickness)

Level 5 bullet-resistant glass, at a thickness of 1-3/8 inches, assumes a pivotal role in advanced security scenarios where the stakes are high. Renowned for its imperviousness to penetration by powerful weapons, it finds favor in government or military facilities. Notably, Level 5 glass can withstand a minimum of one shot from a.308 Win (7.62 x 51) firearm. Often, it is equipped with advanced features and cutting-edge technologies that further amplify its protective attributes.

Level 7 (1-15/16″ Thickness)

Level 7 bullet-resistant glass, characterized by its substantial 1-15/16 inch thickness, emerges as an indomitable bulwark against heavy weaponry. This level of protection is exclusively reserved for the safeguarding of high-value assets or critical infrastructure where unwavering security is imperative. Level 7 glass exemplifies unparalleled defensive capabilities, withstanding a minimum of five shots from a 5.56mm (.223) firearm.

Level 8 (2-3/8″ Thickness)

At an exceptional 2-3/8 inches in thickness, Level 8 bullet-resistant glass epitomizes the zenith of protection. It can withstand the force of powerful explosives, making it the ultimate choice for the fortification of the most critical and sensitive installations. Level 8 glass’s exceptional resilience is underscored by its ability to endure a minimum of five shots from a.308 Win (7.62mm x 51) firearm. Its rarity and specialized nature emphasize its exclusivity in the realm of security solutions.

How Do You Choose The Right Bullet-Resistant Glass Level?

Selecting the most suitable bullet-resistant glass level involves considering a range of crucial factors. Here’s a comprehensive guide to assist you in making a well-informed decision:

Evaluate Your Security Needs

Begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your unique security needs. Factors such as the type of facility (e.g., bank, government building, residential), geographical location, and potential threats should all be taken into account. For accuracy, involving security professionals or consultants in this assessment is highly recommended.

Account For Budget Constraints

Budget limitations can significantly impact your bullet-resistant glass choice. Striking a balance between cost and security is key. Explore cost-saving strategies, including prioritizing critical areas for higher protection levels and employing a combination of security measures. Keep in mind that investing in higher-grade bullet-resistant glass can prove cost-effective over time for enhanced safety.

Consider Aesthetic And Functional Aspects

Harmonizing the aesthetics and functionality of bullet-resistant glass with your overall space design is crucial. Explore options such as tinting, framing, and coatings that enhance both appearance and functionality. Ensure that the chosen glass seamlessly integrates with your building’s architecture and interior design for a cohesive and attractive look.

Seek Guidance From Security Experts

Consult with security experts or consultants specializing in bullet-resistant glass solutions. They can provide insights into specific threats, recommend suitable glass levels, and offer valuable advice on security design. Collaborating with experts ensures that your decisions are well-informed.

Prioritize Testing And Certification

Opt for bullet-resistant glass that complies with industry standards and certifications, such as UL Standard 752. Certification ensures that the glass performs reliably under various threat levels. Always verify the testing and certification documentation of the glass before making a purchase. For instance, Libersty Shielding is one of the go to sources for UL ceritified levels of glass, ensuring quality. 

Review Local Regulations

Local building codes and regulations play a crucial role in determining the type and level of bullet-resistant glass required. Thoroughly research and adhere to these regulations, including obtaining necessary permits. Non-compliance may lead to legal consequences.

Factors In Long-Term Maintenance

Regular maintenance and inspection of bullet-resistant glass are essential to maintaining its effectiveness over time. Adhere to recommended cleaning procedures and promptly address minor damages. Long-term maintenance contributes to the glass’s durability and extended lifespan.

Where Can You Buy The Best Bullet-Resistant Glass On The Market?

Once the needs are identified and the glass thickness is known, now is the time to choose the provider. Liberty Shielding recognizes the paramount importance of security, and our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Whether you need bullet-resistant glass for residential, commercial, or government applications, we offer a range of solutions that meet the highest industry standards. For comprehensive information on our products, certifications, and expertise, please visit our website. With us, you can trust that you’re making a choice that prioritizes your security and peace of mind in an ever-evolving world.

Discover Your Security Solution With Us Today!

For all your bullet-resistant glass needs, look no further than Liberty Shielding. With this comprehensive guide, you can make an informed choice, emphasizing the importance of security assessment, budget considerations, aesthetics, expert consultation, testing, compliance, and maintenance. Trust in our commitment to excellence and dedication to security solutions. To get started on enhancing your security, reach out to us today and request a quote. Discover your ultimate security solution with us and fortify your protection in an ever-changing world. Contact us today and enjoy the best quality. 

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