Bullet Resistant Doors In Hotels

Employee   •   04 January 2024

Guest Safety With Bullet Resistant Doors In Hotels

About Bullet Resistant Doors In Hotels

At Liberty Shielding, we understand the importance of safety in hotels. That is why we offer bullet-resistant doors that provide extra security and protection for guests. Our doors are designed to withstand multiple rounds of ammunition, including small arms fire and assault rifles. Our doors are also designed to hold up against forced entry attempts from potential intruders.

Our bullet-resistant doors come in a variety of styles and configurations to provide the best protection possible. Our doors are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, so our customers don’t have to worry about compromising their hotel's design. With several customization options, you can choose the perfect door for your needs.

Types Of Bullet-Resistant Doors We Offer

There are several different types of bullet-resistant doors that we offer. We carry single- and double-entry doors, swing and sliding doors, as well as security grills and shutters designed for increased protection. Each door is tested to ensure the highest quality of protection possible.

Glass Bulletproof Doors

Our glass doors combine functionality, aesthetics, and security to provide a welcoming and secure environment for your hotel guests. These glass doors are made from polycarbonate material and are available in customization to match any property's decor.

Wood Bulletproof Doors

Wooden doors are a classic and timeless look for any property. Our wood bulletproof doors offer the same level of protection as our glass doors, but in the traditional style of wood. They're designed to withstand impacts and provide maximum security without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Steel Bulletproof Doors

For increased durability and protection, steel bulletproof doors are available in several different styles. These door options are designed to provide superior security with minimal impact on property aesthetics. They're also available in a variety of sizes, making them perfect for any setting.

Where You Can Utilize Bulletproof Doors In Hotels

In hotels, bulletproof doors can be used to protect guests and staff from potential intruders. By placing the door in high-traffic areas, like:

Entry Doors

Your hotel's main entrance serves as the first line of defense. Our glass bullet-resistant entry doors are designed to provide top-tier safety without compromising on design, making a strong statement about your commitment to guest security.

Suite Security Doors

The security of hotel suites should always be a top priority. Wooden bulletproof doors help to provide the utmost protection for your guests while still being aesthetically pleasing and easy to operate.

Bar/Lobby Doors

Bulletproof doors are also great for protecting both customers and staff in bars and lobbies, as they provide extra safety without impeding the design or ambiance of the space.

Back-of-House Security

Critical areas behind the scenes, such as kitchens and supply rooms, also require protection. Steel bulletproof doors help to ensure the safety of your staff and inventory. In the event of an emergency, metal bulletproof doors can be used to provide additional security for personnel evacuating the premises while still allowing easy access to those who need it.

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