Bullet Resistant Doors For Manufacturing

Employee   •   03 January 2024

Bullet Resistant Doors For Manufacturing Security

Looking for bullet resistant doors? Our doors are designed to keep you and your family safe.
We use only the highest quality materials and technologies to ensure our customers
receive the best possible protection.

All You Need To Know About Bulletproof Door Solutions

At Liberty Shielding, we are passionate about safeguarding lives and possessions with our cutting-edge bullet-resistant doors. We take pride in designing and constructing these security solutions to the highest standards for manufacturing industry-leading doors.

Our bullet resistant doors are made of a combination of ballistic materials, including state-of-the-art composites that are tested up to UL752 Level 5 and 8 standards, as well as our proprietary steel alloy. This unique blend of materials helps us create the strongest and most secure door solutions on the market today.

All You Need To Know About Bulletproof Door Solutions

Bullet-Resistant Door Options

There are many kinds of bullet-resistant doors available. We offer several models with various customizable options to choose from, including

Our Product Features Details:

Our UL 752 compliant metal doors and door frames are designed to provide maximum protection against forced entry. With high-grade, heavy-duty steel construction, our doors and frames resist impact from blunt objects as well as offer superior resistance to bending or twisting. The patented triple-seal design ensures a tight fit between the door and frame, leaving no gap for intruders to exploit. These features make our UL 752 compliant metal doors and frames the perfect choice for any security-conscious manufacturing industry.

Why Choose Our Bullet Resistant Doors?

For your manufacturing industry, security is of the utmost importance. Our bullet resistant doors and frames are designed to provide a secure barrier against unauthorized access while also providing protection from bullets.

Quality Assurance

Our doors are precision crafted and rigorously tested to meet or exceed industry standards. We use a proprietary ballistic core made with the latest technology to ensure maximum protection from small arms fire. Each door is certified and tested according to UL752 and NIJ standards, ensuring they meet the highest levels of ballistic protection.

Custom Design Solutions

Our custom design solutions offer customers the ability to create doors that precisely match their security requirements. Our team of experienced professionals can help you design a door that meets your exact needs, and our range of customization options means you can choose exactly the right level of protection for your environment.

Expert Installation Notes

We offer comprehensive installation notes and guidelines for each ballistic door. Our notes include a step-by-step guide to ensure that each door is properly installed in accordance with standards and engineering specifications. We also provide detailed recommendations for maintenance and security procedures to help keep your door secure and in optimal condition.

frequently asked questions

Our bulletproof doors are designed to provide the highest level of protection, so the thickness varies depending on the model and its intended use. Our ballistic doors have a minimum of four 4.5-inch heavy-weight hinges and are constructed from hardened steel with a protective coating for additional protection.

No, steel doors are not generally bulletproof. Steel doors can resist small-caliber bullets, but they cannot withstand larger rounds. We recommend using our ballistic-rated doors for optimal protection against bullets.

Our doors are designed to be installed by professionals and require specialized tools and expertise to ensure the highest level of security. We highly recommend having our doors installed by a certified professional. 

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